Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Get Fit: Go Shopping!

I have been trying for years to convince my husband that shopping is an aerobic activity. Yes, it can get expensive, but so is fitness equipment and gym membership. You just can’t put a price tag on your health.

I have seen mall walkers. They walk in a straight line, at a steady pace, with their arms pumping. They can be identified by a conspicuous lack of shopping bags. That is not aerobic shopping.

With aerobic shopping, I only walk briskly in a straight line when I see a red sign with the word “sale” and/or “50% off.” Then I do a circuit of side stepping around racks of clothing. To increase the intensity, I add arm movements, pushing hangers back and forth, hunting for something in my size. Walking around the store, picking up and carrying items to try on, adds weight training.

Trying on clothes in those little fitting rooms is the endurance training. Having stiff joints and arm and leg muscles that don’t always cooperate makes for a challenging exercise.

One round of aerobic shopping is complete with handing the cashier my credit card, signing the slip, and then picking up the bag. The more you buy, the more intensive the rest of the circuit becomes. For a complete workout, I recommend at least three rounds per session, and three or four sessions per week.

Disclaimer, this article is meant to be taken with a large grain of salt applied to your funny bone. Unless you have the income to afford a workout like this, I am not actually recommending that you adopt this as your fitness regime. I wouldn't want your husband to sue me for damages.

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