Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gravity -- A Poem by Me

Gravity is a law that you cannot break.
Gravity holds you in place.
Without Gravity, the Australians would fall off the planet. That would be bad. I like Australians. They have cool accents.
Gravity is a force that we can only break free of if we had a rocket launcher, and a rocket to launch.
 But not for Mennonites. If you tell a Mennonite that it is launch time, he will go get his launch kit to have launch. Unless you take him to MacDonald's for launch, and offer to pay.
The laws of Gravity are suspended while we sleep, so that we can explore the universe in our dreams. When we awake, the laws of Gravity are reinstated, But there is a buffer zone between asleep and awake during which the forces of Gravity are exponentially stronger than π times the length of your snooze alarm. But you can’t have π for breakfast. If I could, I would have cherry.
Gravity. It sucks. But that is a good thing. Good night. Pleasant dreams!

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