Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I've Heard it Said . . .

I've heard it said . . .

(on the topic of extinction)

  ~"We have a responsibility to bring these species back."

I say . . . if evolution is true, and depends on genetic mutations to create new species that will thrive on current conditions, then our meddling with the gene pool to preserve specimens 

I've heard it said . . . 

 (as a comment when discussing a death)

   ~"What a shame that she died,  she was so beautiful!"

I say . . .What difference should it make if the one who died is beautiful or not? Isn't it a shame when ugly people die?

I've heard it said . . 

~ "A watched pot never boils!"

I say .... and have noticed  far too often ... A pot never boils until I finally notice that I have once again turned on the wrong element and turn on the right one.

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