Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Goal for Today:

Today, I plan to start setting some goals for my days. 

Whew! Glad I've got that much accomplished today! Now for a nap.

Thought for Today -- Forgive Someone Who Doesn't Deserve It!

Can you forgive someone who doesn't deserve to be forgiven? If you think about it, those are the only people that you do need to forgive.

If someone deserves to be forgiven, seems to me that you have decided he or she didn't cause you harm or offense after all. So if they haven't offended or harmed you, they didn't deserve your forgiveness. Maybe you misunderstood their intent, or perhaps there were mitigating circumstances that you were not aware of. When you discover these circumstances, and you see the whole picture, you forgive them.

But do they really deserve to be forgiven if they didn't actually harm you? No. If there was nothing to forgive, then you didn't actually forgive them.

So how about those people who don't deserve to be forgiven? The ones who knowingly hurt you, or out-rightly offended you? Does your refusal to forgive cause them harm? Will they suffer in the silence if you never speak to them again?

Probably not. If it was someone who deeply cared for you, they might be hurt by your absence from their life. If the offense and the division breaks up a family, or a marriage, it might serve them right. But will it serve you right?

Will you be better off  without that person in your life? Will a divorce, a broken relationship, or cutting someone out of your will make your life better? Perhaps.

But what will you get out of the deal? Smug satisfaction? Freedom? Will you be better off? Or just bitter?

Friday, May 13, 2016

You Know You Need a New Appliance When:

Unfortunately, these examples are all from person experience. How about you -- any stories about the signs of impending appliance demise? Leave a comment.  It gets lonely in my blogspot when the comment section is empty.

  • You know you need a new washing machine when the noises it makes cause you to look outside to see which way the ambulance is coming from, and you realize that it  is just the spin cycle
  • .
  • You know you need a new dryer when your clothes get scorch marks and you burn your hand on a metal button!

  • You know you need a new fridge when the lettuce is frozen and the ice cream is melting.

  • You know you need a dishwasher when yours grow up and move away!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ever Notice ...?

I've been noticing a general shift in ages. It used to be just old people who had 50th birthday parties -- but now lately my friends who are my age are having them ...

What's up with that?

And I hate to break it to some of my oldest and dearest friends, but those gremlins that have been going crazy stuff at my house -- the Closet Gremlin one who comes in and shrinks my clothes; along with her sister the Mirror Gremlin who invades my mirrors and replaces my reflection with this fat old lady with grey roots -- well don't look now, but I think they have been to your house, too!