Monday, May 29, 2017

Did you hear the one about ....?

Me:    Hey – did you hear about my Uncle Bob?
You:   Yeah, I heard he got a job at a watch-making factory.
Me:    He did, but he got fired yesterday.
You:   Already? What did he do?
Me:    The boss caught him making faces.
You:   That’s too bad. But I heard he also got a girlfriend. How is that going?
Me:    He did, but she left him yesterday.
You:   What happened?
Me:    She worked at the watch factory too, and she caught him making time with the boss’s daughter.
You:   You don’t say. Any more bad news about Bob?
Me:    As a matter of fact, yes. Uncle Bob’s got a new dog yesterday.
You:   But that sounds like good news.
Me:    No, poor Uncle Bob lost his new dog already.
You:   Has he checked at the pound? Maybe the dog catcher got him.
Me:    Nah, the dog catcher couldn’t get him.
You:   How do you know that?
Me:    He was a watch dog, and he was running too fast.

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