Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Writing on the Wall

         When the Writing on the Wall . . . .              

 . .   .  .  . .. ..    .  ..     . .  .      . .  .  .  
.. .. .  .. .   . ..     .  .    .. ..  .    ..    .  .  
 . .     .     .        .  .     .            .    .  .  
. . .  is written in Braille!

   I saw a sign in a public washroom awhile back that I thought was a bit odd. The first line was a normal message for the territory: "Employees must wash hands before returning to work." The sign was posted above the mirror over the sink. The second line was, I assume, a translation of the first -- in English, I also assume, although I could not read it. It was written in Braille.

   I've noticed in many public buildings that the doors have name plates with the room number and designation in print and in Braille. Often the door to the restroom also has a Braille notification. But I have never seen a blind person reading the door plates or desperately searching the walls for the men's or ladies' room. I am sure that there are blind people who do make use of these labels, I just have never noticed.

   But this "Employees must wash hands ..." notice gave me a rather disturbing mental picture of a blind employee running her dirty hands along the walls, checking for any Braille signage on the walls, until she comes to the mirror. Reaching up, in my mind on tiptoes because I would probably have to stand on tiptoes to reach, her sensitive fingers find a sign in Braille, and she remembers that her germ covered hands must be washed before she returns to work. 

It made me ever so grateful that I can read with my eyes. 

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