Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Canadian Siri, Eh?

Siri the virtual assistant from Apple iphones comes with a selection of English accents: American, Australian, and British. Glaringly missing from that list is a Canadian accent. I thought it might be fun to imagine what a Canadian Siri might have to say. So here goes:

Siri: Good Day, eh! What can I do you for?
Me: Can you please tell me a Newfie joke?
Siri: Oh no, so sorry! I am not programmed to make jokes that could offend anyone.
Me: I'm so sorry I asked. How about some Canadian music?
Siri: I could play some Anne  Murray, or Rita Macneil for ya.
Me Anne Murray, please.
Siri: Okay, and you have yourself a nice day,eh?
Me: Thank you!
Siri: No problem.

Okay, so it isn't exactly comedy, but it's polite.

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