Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Thoughts Unravelled...

Why do smart people do such dumb things? Why do women torment themselves in the name of beauty? Why does food that is not good for you taste so much better than the healthy stuff? How come I can remember poetry that I memorized in the third grade, but I forget what I was going to the kitchen for?  

Random Thinks that I have Thunk is a blog for stuff I write that doesn't fit the other categories that I have blogs about. I have a blog about my pets - Ode to Critters I Have Loved which is mostly pictures of my cats and kittens and little stories and poems I have written around the pictures. Then I have My Life With Parkinson's which is dedicated to stuff I am learning and living through as a person with Parkinson's disease.

Random Thinks is just for fun. I rant and ramble, and write insanely long sentences - sometimes with dashes (and always with parenthetical clauses); plus superfluous vocabulary in a style that is inimitably my own (no one else would want to take credit for my writing - it's how I discourage plagiarism). And then I start sentences with conjunctions, just because I can. Although, I also go off on bunny trails - like: I've been posting my work for over a decade, but I have never experienced any plagiarism of my work - does that mean that no one likes it enough to steal it - except for one paper that I wrote in university that was stolen but I never did find out who stole it or if anyone bought it and tried to pass it off as their own.

So read on if you have some time to waste - but just remember that if you kill time, it stays dead and you can never resuscitate it.

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