Thursday, March 19, 2015

Who is the Father of my Baby?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions on Question and Answer websites. Why?

I have had an account at the online Q&A site Web Answers for a few years, and I find it disconcerting that so many women ask this question. I did a search on the site this morning, and found 54 pages of about 30 questions per page. They were all asking the question: “Who is the father of my child?”

That means that on just this one website more than 1600 women wrote in to ask strangers for help in calculating their ovulation cycles. Am I the only one who finds this line of questioning to be just a bit too much information?

I know that the anonymity of the internet makes users more comfortable to share personal information that they normally would not say to a roomful of strangers, but to disclose the days when they had sex with each of the contenders and correlate a chart of their most fertile days seems just a little icky to me.

Ovulation charts and icky personal information notwithstanding, how sad is it that thousands of children are being raised by mothers who are not sure who their fathers are? I know we can’t legislate morality. Perhaps we just need more education about the facts of life and where babies come from.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's up with that?

You know those signs they have in public washrooms that say, "All employees must wash their hands before going back to the kitchen and making your pizza" (or something like that)? I noticed one recently that was posted over the mirror, and it had braille. I could just imagine a blind employee, about to go back to work after using the facilities, but then stopping to read a sign in braille. If she didn't wash her hands before she read the sign, she would get germs on the sign, and then when the next blind person came in she could get sick.That would be rough. All of the blind employees getting sick at the same time.

They have braille signs on the outside of the washroom doors in lots of places, too. Again with my imagination - I see a braille sign that says, "Ladies" and I start to think about a blind person, searching the walls, trying to find the sign for the Ladies room. It's like that Star Trek NG episode where they captured an injured Borg and put him in the brig on the Enterprise. He was searching along the wall, trying to find a plug-in to regenerate, poor guy. Can you imagine, being exhausted but not being able to get to sleep because you can't find a plug-in? I hate it when that happens.

I have nothing against blind people. I just thought the sign was funny. I don't really know any blind people, except the guy who did my tattoo, and he is just legally blind. True story. He can see a little bit, with a bright light. I hope he washed his hands after using the bathroom.