Monday, January 15, 2018

Can Hair Dye Make You Mad as a Hatter?

My hairdresser Laurie is a magician. Once every eight weeks, she makes my grey roots go away and makes me look young again. I don't question the magic ingredients, I just pay her to make the magic happen.
I have read and/or heard snippets over the years about the chemicals in the hair dye: lead acetate, mercury compounds, and other nasty sounding toxic stuff. The lists of ailments allegedly brought on by long term use of the magic reads like the last five seconds of narrative blitzed through on American prescription drug commercials. They start with irritability, fatigue, and headaches and always end with death.
Does this information concern me? Kinda, but not enough to cancel my next appointment with Laurie. I am already mad as a hatter, a few more chemicals can't make it much worse. This world is full of toxic stuff and we are all going to die at the end. I really don't want to be caught dead with grey roots.
Logic and reasoning in the cloud that I inhabit questions why, if these chemicals are in my hair dye and are being absorbed from my hair into my brain, why then are the roots of my hair grey? It makes more sense to me that the grey roots are a sign that as my hair grows out it is taking grey matter from my brain and allowing it to leak out. Hmm? Now that would explain everything!

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