Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My Back Hurts

I've been having a lot of back pain lately. Added to everything that already hurts from Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, having a muscle spasm in my back is just like the last nail in the coffin some days.

My back wasn't too bad this morning, but then I decided to shower. I've  been so tired lately that I get exhausted just running the water. 

 I want to get back into the habit of doing my physiotherapy exercises in the shower, so after I rinsed off  I put the plug the in tub and let the tub fill while I did my standing exercises, and then I did my sitting exercises in warm water. I wasn't going anywhere this morning, so I had time to turn on the jets for a tubby time. 

While I was just sitting in the tub, I decided to clean the shampoo caddy. My daughter does most of my cleaning, but I said I would clean my bathroom. My tub is so big that you pretty much have to get in it to clean so it just makes sense for me to do it since I am in there anyway.

So while I was at it, I thought I might as well clean all of the shampoo ledges, and while I had the baking soda out, I might as well clean all of the tub surround, and then I thought of doing the tub jet cleaner system, which needs to go in warm water. I hadn't used conditioner in my hair yet, and that would make the water foam too much, so I got out of my tub, poured the jet cleaner stuff in, and turned on the jets for a half hour. In the meantime I went to the shower in the other bathroom to put my conditioner in, and while I was there I cleaned my tub mat. Then I went back to my bathroom to wipe the cleaner residue down and refill the tub with cold water to rinse. 

Then I got dressed, and now my back hurts again. Getting showered and dressed is sure a lot of work.

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